Taste Productions presents a one-of-a-kind interdimensional theatre spectacle.
A 360 experience of the senses that will see its world premiere on the 9th of October 2021 in the Amsterdome in Amsterdam.

*Dragan Bakema plays Jonathan Kelvin*

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Supported by three live musicians, brilliant three-star chef Jonathan Kelvin (Dragan Bakema) takes the audience on a journey through his ill-fated history. He loses his taste and as a result, he sees his world collapse. Using images, music, high-end bites, smell and mindfucks, he continuously enchants everyone’s senses. The completely new theater experience ensures that nothing seems the same at the end of the evening.

Taste… A life changing experience!

A coronaproof evening

Photo credit: Dinand van der Wal

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Michiel Stroink

You do not always know how the perfect dish comes to life,

but in the case of Taste the very first ingredient was the story. Winter 2016 writer Michiel Stroink conjured up the fateful history of the master chef who sees his world collapse. Michiel’s preferred form for stories is a novel, but in this case, he understood he needed to find a different route to reach the audience.

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Ola Mafaalani

He took his story to Ola Mafaalani, and when he was done talking, he saw a tiny but unquenchable fire in her eyes. Ola had broken pretty much every ground there is to be found in theatre, but now she saw possibilities for plenty more.

interdimensionaal theaterspektakel

Jacob Jan Boerma

When they presented their idea at De Leest, Jacob Jan Boerma’s three-star restaurant, it turned out that an idea can outgrow the sum of its parts. A magical dimension was added when Jacob Jan almost immediately began alchemising the thoughts into culinary images and flavours.

interdimensionaal theaterspektakel

Guirec van Slingelandt

After their meeting with Jacob Jan, before they even drove off, they were on the phone with Guirec Slingelandt, who, with the development of Soldier of Orange the musical, had proven there is no such thing as small ideas. Guirec asked the threesome to employ limitless thought as a starting point and introduced a new technical theatre palette.

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Karl Klomp
Video artist

Roel Boorsma
Imagery concept

theater in amsterdome

Berend Boorsma
Imagery concept

A story about the senses can exclude not a single thought, no dimension even. So we asked video artist Karl Klomp if he would accept the challenge to turn his knowledge and experience into something three dimensional and elliptic. In cooperation with brothers Roel and Berend Boorsma he came up with a visual concept that has no equal.

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Victor Mids
Oscar Verpoort
Illusionist / Unrealist

Since there is a wide expanse between the senses and the mind, and because we wanted to stir precisely that vacuum, we approached Victor Mids and Oscar Verpoort. His unique vision enriched the concept to create an event that rises above reality.

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Mark Buxton

Since the olfactory sense is one of the strongest senses and the inciting factor for taste, we turned to Mark Buxton, scent creator and internationally renowned Nose to create with us the fragrance of Taste.

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Joep Beving

For the enchantment that slowly arose, a magnificent musical accompaniment was absolutely imperative. Only through the ultimate composition of the senses is it possible to reach a complete state of rapture. So, when Joep Beving joined the creative team, everything almost naturally fell into place.

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Peter Zwart
Sound artist

To make Joep’s composition excel in a theatre that was designed exclusively for it, we needed a sound artist. Armed with the most current technical insights, Peter Zwart came up with a structure that would work hypnotising.

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Floriaan Ganzevoort
Light expert

Light expert Florian Ganzevoort was facing the same challenge. He pulled out all the international stops and created a living composition that will make the entire audience reel.

amsterdome theater

André Joosten
Set designer

But the biggest challenge was placed at the feet of André Joosten. How can you fit that much art onto a single canvas? As a set designer, André was given a blank canvas to work with, and he created a stage on which a four-dimensional Gesamtkuntwerk can take place.